our 2021
draft winners
NFL Draft Winner Alex Kensington
Matthew Gerrish
I was part of a team directing visitors at the West Entrance. We helped both the One Pass Draft Experience attendees and also the VIPs. Additionally, we helped people with the One Pass App so they could attend the event. It was a really great experience to see all the fans of the different teams and to see how excited everyone was.
NFL Draft Winner Alex Kensington
Jillian Dzieciol
I did everything I could to bring up the energy of my team (coworkers) and bring everyone together. I cheered on every fan that attempted the field goal kick game, and I would use my football skills to make the line move faster by throwing the ball instead of having to run it to my teammates, which made more fans happy to get to wait in line less time, and it made the activity seem more lively and entertaining to watch. It made it more of an experience that created memories that would last a lifetime. I also showed my team spirit by wearing knee high orange socks to match my orange shirt uniform, and a cheer bow to show that I'm a cheerleader for everyone and I'll always cheer you on!