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NFL Draft Winner Alex Kensington
DeeDee Dunbar
My husband and I worked all three days double shifts and on the morning of the third day when we got to work we were supposed to be working another station other than wayfinding. To our surprise our supervisor said you guys are coming with me! You're my power couple. It certainly made us feel good!! She said we did such an excellent job the first two days of help keeping the crowd moving with excitement making sure everyone found everything they need and go in the extra mile to make sure that everyone got their brakes and was taken care of. I left working the fan first experience and it was awesome to work for a company that truly recognizes you when you do a good job !!
NFL Draft Winner Alex Kensington
Anna Hinrichs
I worked helping take pictures of fans at the Vince Lombardi trophies. It was fun interacting with fans, getting them excited, and bringing smiles to their faces! Got to help fans figure out the app while taking pictures at the trophies and help them be able to download and save their pictures for later!
NFL Draft Winner Alex Kensington
Jason Senick
I worked the draft jersey picture booth and We assisted a fan that was in a wheelchair with getting up to the booth and taking a picture with his favorite teams jersey and background. The smile he had was worth a million dollars.